Day 7: Solo Castellano Por Favor!

Zafra to Villafranca de los Barros

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

It’s early when we leave Zafra. Still dark. A little overcast. Sometimes it can be magical leaving town. It’s quiet. Nothing is stirring. Not even a mouse. The stockings were hung . . . Wait. Gone off track again. So, early morning. Peaceful. Cool. The day holds a lot of promise. Of course it can also be very dark with no street lights and very creepy, also. Anyway, we’re off . . .

Leaving Zafra

Four km later, we’re going down a steep, concrete, curvy road to Los Santos de Maimona. Unlike most other little villages and towns that look centuries old, this looks relatively new. It’s mostly new housing. I think it serves as a suburb of Zafra. Couple of restaurants but, of course, none open this early. There is a square with a nice looking church. Nope, not open.

Los Santos de Maimona

From here, it’s mostly through farms. Looks like olive trees. Quite a few puddles, today. A lot of wildflowers. Until we are finally at Villafranca de los Barros, our stop for the night at Hotel Diana.

Outskirts of Villafranca de los Barros

We shower and head out. We are hungry. It’s around 2 pm and we have not eaten all day. It’s very quiet. Not many people on the streets. Not unusual. It’s siesta time. We find an open pharmacy and stock up on Compeed. Kay’s feet are pretty bad. Blisters but not in pain. So, we chose not to “operate”. Just wrap them in Compeed and Leukotape. Leukotape, we brought from home and had planned on wrapping a few yards around something and just bringing that. We ended up bring the whole roll and are glad we did.

We go by the square and the church. Spot a couple of pilgrims seated at a closed cafe, checking their guidebooks. I didn’t realize I had caught the two pilgrims in my church picture, until I just spotted them.

We finally come across a cafe that is open and is serving lunch. Of course it is. It’s only 2 pm.

I get a big salad and Kay gets a little sandwich with a big stick stuck in it. Everything is good and we return for dinner. Because it is a bar/cafeteria and not a restaurant, it doesn’t have a full blown menu but menu that consists primarily of salads and sandwiches. It also means they start serving food earlier than a restaurant.

At dinner I have interesting “conversation” with the bartender/waiter. Might even have been the owner, also. I try to speak Spanish. Struggle to respond to his question and finally tell him, in Spanish, that my Spanish is limited. He firmly corrects me. It’s Castilian, not Spanish. So, I’m trying my best to learn Castilian by trying to communicate only in Castilian.

Big Salad. Little Sandwich w/Big Stick.

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