Thou Shalt . . .

Recently, I came across a discussion on an online forum about "rules" to ensure a successful pass-thru hike.  The discussion was initiated by a rather lengthy post by someone who felt very strongly that his/her way was the only way.  This is not the first time that I've come across similar rigid thinking.  So, I... Continue Reading →

50.2: List of Walks

Here's my list of pass-thru walks from least to most favorite. 8.  May 2015:  GR 5 - Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands to Pompey, France ( light blue) The trail goes from the North Sea in Holland thru Belgium, Luxembourg, France and terminating on the the Mediterranean, in Nice.  However, most people just do the... Continue Reading →

WTF Istanbul Airport???

Recently, Istanbul is the only airport I've been to that does not have free WIFI.  Or at least the International terminal doesn't have any WIFI.  Not even the Starbucks inside the airport.  So, not only am I stuck there for 14 hours but without any connection to the Internet.  Because the 14 hours were from... Continue Reading →


Yes, this is the town where Evian water comes from.  The plant was down the street from the train station and I passed by why appeared to be their HQ building.  Evian was a really cute little town on Lac Leman.  It was much more charming than Thonon, which had actually a rundown feel.  It... Continue Reading →

Stick a Fork In It

After the last 25 days of hiking on primarily asphalt, the first day of hiking from Thonon-les-Bains was great.  With the exception of the first 45 minutes or so of heading out of town, this was true hiking, off the road.  The first five hours was a steady climb but then after that was a... Continue Reading →


Short video from TGV.  This was after leaving Paris.  Top speed that I caught was just over 300 km/he or over 180 mph. It was fast but didn't seem fast enough. Until I took the local train for the last leg.   Damn that was slow.    


When I did my Camino Santiago, I quickly came to the realization how these long hikes (at least over 2 weeks) bring you back to the basics.  After everything is said and done; what do you really need? One, take care of your health.  Two, food. Three, shelter.  And, finally, human contact.  You can't emphasize... Continue Reading →

GR 5 Lodging – France 25

Day 25:  Pompey Once again had trouble finding a place to stay and had to adjust my plans based on where lodging was available. Found a rather expensive place in Pompey called Domaine de Printaniere.  Given that there was nothing else around, I went ahead and booked what was the last room according to Continue Reading →


This is turning into a grind.  It's not that interesting.  I'm spending way too much time on asphalt.  And this hunting for lodging and waiting around to check-in is starting to get really old.  Arrrrrrrrgh! The fundamental problem is that the GR 5, outside of the GTA (Grande Traversee des Alpes), is not a true... Continue Reading →

GR 5 Lodging – France 24

Day 34:  Pont-a-Mousson Remember when I said that the large hotel chains stay open through the day.  Well . . .   Found an exceptional to the rule today. Kyriad is a large European chain and the one in Pont-a-Mousson was closed when I got there around 3 pm. They have an ATM looking machine... Continue Reading →

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