Day 47 & 48: Stick a Fork in It

Date:Tuesday, October 9, 2018Wednesday, October 10, 2018Start:Ibis Toulouse Center, ToulouseStop:Pullman International Hotel, ToulouseTotal Walking Distance:802 km  or  498 milesTotal Ascent:10185 meters or 33415 ftTotal Descent:-11080 meters  or  -36352 ftCumulative Elevation:21265 meters or 69767 ft I spent an extra day in Toulouse, planning on doing some touristy things that I had missed the first time, e.g. visit the the aerospace museum. But I... Continue Reading →

Day 46: Back to Toulouse

Date:Monday, October 8, 2018Start:Gite Amis du Chemin de St Jacques, AyguevivesStop:Ibis Toulouse Center, ToulouseDistance (Day**Total):27.4   **   801.8 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):37/-65   **   21265 mMoving Time (hh:mm):5:48Day High Temp:17 C   Up, dress, pack, breakfast and we are off by 7:30 am. We are in a routine. Everyone gets up on their own. No... Continue Reading →

Day 45: Drizzling Along the Midi Canal

Date:Sunday, October 7, 2018Start:La Goutille, Avignonet LauragaisStop:Gite Amis du Chemin de St Jacques, AyguevivesDistance (Day**Total):24.9   **   774.4 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):78/-142   **   21163 mMoving Time (hh:mm):5:14Day High Temp:16 C   Today was cool, light rain and with a little bit of wind. All of it along the canal but much more interesting than... Continue Reading →

Day 44: Beef Bourguignon, That’s What’s for Dinner

Date:Saturday, October 6, 2018Start:Gite Municipal, RevelStop:La Goutille, Avignonet LauragaisDistance (Day**Total):37.7   **   749.4 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):119/-142   **   20943 mMoving Time (hh:mm):7:47Day High Temp:24 C   The three of us, Keiko, Alain and I, had spent a lot of time discussing the walk, this day. Because of the location of accommodations, this was either... Continue Reading →

Day 43: Windy Walk to Revel, France

Date:Friday, October 5, 2018Start:En Gout Farm, DourgneStop:Gite Municipal, RevelDistance (Day**Total):18.0   **   711.8 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):125/-127   **   20682 mMoving Time (hh:mm):4:20Day High Temp:25 C   Breakfast at 7:15 am. The father played host for this meal. BTW, breakfast is typically bread, butter and jam. And it's always bread, not toast. Twice on this... Continue Reading →

Day 42: Donkeys in the Sun

Date:Thursday, October 4, 2018Start:Gite Olivier et Agnes, Burlat (Castres)Stop:En Gout Farm, DourgneDistance (Day**Total):22.2   **   693.8 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):272/-226   **   20430 mMoving Time (hh:mm):5:04Day High Temp:27 C   After breakfast, Olivier dropped us off in front of the church in Castres city center. And we're off again. First along the river and then... Continue Reading →

Day 41: Castres, France

Date:Wednesday, October 3, 2018Start:Gite Sejour Le St Jacques, BoissezonStop:Gite Olivier et Agnes, Burlat (Castres)Distance (Day**Total):21.4   **   653.7 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):184/-642   **   19250 mMoving Time (hh:mm):4:57Day High Temp:18 C   Today's walk is a relatively short one to Castres - under 18 km. It starts off overcast and cool but is soon sunny... Continue Reading →

Day 40: Smoke in the Sky, Fire in the Mountains

Date:Tuesday, October 2, 2018Start:Gite Municipal, AnglesStop:Gite Sejour Le St Jacques, BoissezonDistance (Day**Total):21.4   **   653.7 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):184/-642   **   19250 mMoving Time (hh:mm):4:57Day High Temp:18 C   Another cold day. I was wrong. Yesterday was not the first day I wore a long sleeve shirt. Today was. Always good to check the record... Continue Reading →

Day 39: A Dark & Stormy Day

Date:Monday, October 1, 2018Start:Hotel La Plage, LassoubsStop:Gite Municipal, AnglesDistance (Day**Total):20.8   **   632.3 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):358/-324   **   18424 mMoving Time (hh:mm):4:39Day High Temp:13 C   By now, the three of us have gotten into a routine. We wake up at 6:30 am. No alarms are set. No one has to wake the others up.... Continue Reading →

Day 38: Locked Out

Date:Sunday, September 30, 2018Start:Gite L'Etape des Menhirs, Murat sur VebreStop:Hotel La Plage, LassoubsDistance (Day**Total):25.2   **   611.6 kmElevation (Gain/Loss**ABS Total):350/-525   **   17742 mMoving Time (hh:mm):5:52Day High Temp:24 C   With a total climb of only 350 meters, today's walk seems like a stroll in the park compared to the last three days. And, although,... Continue Reading →

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