Thou Shalt . . .

Recently, I came across a discussion on an online forum about "rules" to ensure a successful pass-thru hike.  The discussion was initiated by a rather lengthy post by someone who felt very strongly that his/her way was the only way.  This is not the first time that I've come across similar rigid thinking.  So, I... Continue Reading →

50.2: List of Walks

Here's my list of pass-thru walks from least to most favorite. 8.  May 2015:  GR 5 - Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands to Pompey, France ( light blue) The trail goes from the North Sea in Holland thru Belgium, Luxembourg, France and terminating on the the Mediterranean, in Nice.  However, most people just do the... Continue Reading →

Camino Statistics

I started to put some very basic camino statistics in my last post and, before publishing, wanted to validate against the data reported by the Pilgrims' Office on it's website.  They provide a ton of fascinating historical information (if you're into that kind of stuff and I am) on pilgrims, e.g. nationality, gender, starting point, etc.... Continue Reading →

Camino Day 50: Final Thoughts

"Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars" - Ryan Tedder Here are my thoughts/advice on my Camino.  Remember it is my opinion, worth what you paid for it and YMMV.  Also, it is geared towards pilgrims, not tourists.  BTW, Fonfria (Day 46) is missing from the above map.  For some reason could not... Continue Reading →

Camino Day 50: Mass in Santiago

"My heart is so small, it's almost invisible. How can You place such big sorrows in it? "Look," He answered, "your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world." - Jalal ad-Din Muhammed Balkhi (Rumi) Went to the pilgrim mass the evening that I arrived in Santiago. By the time I got there it was... Continue Reading →

Camino Day 50: TGV to Santiago

"Tout Ce Que Tu Crois Devient Vrai." - All that you believe becomes true. I got up before sunrise and within 15 minutes was on my way. There were several other people up, fumbling in the dark, trying to stash their stuff in their packs. Rookies! You do all that the night before. Get up, grab... Continue Reading →

Camino Day 49: This Way Simon

Hannah and I walk pretty fast. We were doing pretty good time and decided to continue on to Ribadiso. How do we get word to Simon, who was significantly behind us? He did not have a phone. There is a water fountain as soon as you get into Boente and we decided to leave a... Continue Reading →

Camino Day 45: Ultreia & Suseia

"Ultreia! Ultreia! Et sus eia! Deus adjuva nos!" There were only eight people staying in this albergue, the fewest people from all the Spanish hostels during my pilgrimage. This experience came closest to what the French hostels were like. Clockwise from the front - Hannah (Swiss), Simon (German), French 1 (unfortunately, do not recall her... Continue Reading →

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