That's this week's lesson in my art class - perspective. Easy to understand but oh, so much harder to put to paper. The eyes register a lot of stuff without even thinking. Had a really tough time with corners. Finally, I took a picture on my iPad and traced it. Aha! Light bulb went off.... Continue Reading →

After a 50 Day Hike

I do a long, pass-thru hike every year. This year, I spent about two months walking from Toulouse, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. It's a fantastic way to experience the country and people that you can never do as a tourist in a car, bus, train or plane. You carry your worldly possessions on... Continue Reading →

Neighborhood Changes Do You Good*

In an earlier post I talked about how much my neighborhood has changed since I moved in about 10 years ago.  Condos rather than single family homes and more and larger apartment buildings.  Greater density. The other change is more commercial.  Fancy shmancy commercial.  Around 2008/2009, a San Diego company, OliverMcMillian, bought up old apartment... Continue Reading →

The Neighborhood, It’s a Changin’*

  The above picture is across the street and about 10 years ago.  A lot of the trees are gone, today.  Sad!! And the above two pictures are after the apartments were demolished.  Getting ready to construct Highland Tower, which will go in the corner.  That's Williams Tower in the background.  It was originally and... Continue Reading →

Turn & Face the Neighborhood Changes*

In the 10 years that I have lived here, my neighborhood has changed a lot.  It used to be townhomes and older apartments.  The townhouses are still there with some additional new ones.  But there are more condos.  My building was the first in 2006.  Then came Highland Tower, on the next street over. The... Continue Reading →

I recently got a new iPhone, the 7 Plus.  The camera is great.  It replaces a 6s with a cracked lens.  Apple replaced my 6s with a new refurbished phone but I decided to trade it in for a 7 Plus.  Here are several shots from my 7th floor living room balcony.

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