Day 6: Zafra

Fuente de Cantos to Zafra

Monday, April 25, 2022

Day 5: cont’d . . .

Last night’s hotel in Fuente de Cantos was Hotel Rural La Fabrica. It used to be an old sawmill and the owners had integrated components of the sawmill into the hotel. Once again, no pictures of the interior, smh. But here’s one I took, after dinner, of the exterior.

Hotel Rural La Fabrica, Fuente de Cantos

We had dinner, this is still last night, at the hotel restaurant. We were there as soon as it opened at 8:30 pm. Once again we were the first ones there and the lone employee, who turned out to be the waiter and was still setting up, looked startled to see us. His expression said, I know we’re open but who on God’s green earth eats dinner this early. But he was very nice, as was the restaurant. The four German pilgrims, I mentioned in an earlier post, arrived soon after us.

Kay knew what what she wanted, eggs and vegetables. Scanning the menu, I asked the waiter what he would recommended. He suggested Presa Iberica a La Brasa O Plancha C/G. The menu had English translations and this was helpfully translated as Iberica Prey to the Live Coal or Irons. It had been a while since I had coal fired prey and I went with his recommendation. The meal, both Kay’s and mine, was excellent. The only negative, and a slight one at that, was that the bread was ice cold. Otherwise the best meal of our trip so far.

Eggs and vegetable sor Kay, prey for me. Delicious.

And Now . . . Day 6

Day similar to the others. Got up, walked, got into town, checked in, showered, checked a little of the town and struggled to find a restaurant that would serve dinner before eight.

Today was laundry day and found a laundromat around the corner from the hotel. A nice little old lady helped me figure out the machines. Most laundromats have instructions in English. This didn’t and it was especially complicated. She was done before me but made sure I knew how to get the dryer going before she left. She guessed that I was doing the camino and she said she had done it twice. Not the Plata but Frances and Norte. This was new. While there are a lot of Spanish people on the camino, it is rare to find someone local who has done it. Unfortunately, neither my Spanish or her English was good enough to have a detailed conversation. Shame. It would have been interesting to hear her thoughts, impressions of all these people from around the world coming to Spain to do this, etc.

Anyway, here are some pics from today.

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