Thou Shalt . . .

Recently, I came across a discussion on an online forum about "rules" to ensure a successful pass-thru hike.  The discussion was initiated by a rather lengthy post by someone who felt very strongly that his/her way was the only way.  This is not the first time that I've come across similar rigid thinking.  So, I... Continue Reading →

50.2: List of Walks

Here's my list of pass-thru walks from least to most favorite. 8.  May 2015:  GR 5 - Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands to Pompey, France ( light blue) The trail goes from the North Sea in Holland thru Belgium, Luxembourg, France and terminating on the the Mediterranean, in Nice.  However, most people just do the... Continue Reading →

Back Home from Nepal

Got back a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't stay out as long as originally planned.  Trekked Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).  Was brutal.  Practically all stairs.  Killed my knees.  Once I was done, spent about a week in Pokhara, Nepal to recover.  Went on to Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangkok.  Still sifting thru my pictures.  Will post... Continue Reading →

I Am Restless

It's been over three months since I returned home.  I am restless and it is time to hit the road again.  Heading to Nepal on Sunday for two months of trekking.  Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp are definitely on the schedule and weather permitting would like to do Manaslu.  But leaving my plans pretty... Continue Reading →

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