Thou Shalt . . .

Recently, I came across a discussion on an online forum about "rules" to ensure a successful pass-thru hike.  The discussion was initiated by a rather lengthy post by someone who felt very strongly that his/her way was the only way.  This is not the first time that I've come across similar rigid thinking.  So, I... Continue Reading →


Going to Chapelle

July 2017 It was mid-morning when I got to the trailhead; located in a small village on the shores of a huge, beautiful lake.  Blue skies, sun up, lake shimmering.  A beautiful day for a walk.  Steep, though.  Up about 1900 meters (6200 ft) and then down 1200 (3900) in 18 kms (11 miles). There... Continue Reading →

50.2: List of Walks

Here's my list of pass-thru walks from least to most favorite. 8.  May 2015:  GR 5 - Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands to Pompey, France ( light blue) The trail goes from the North Sea in Holland thru Belgium, Luxembourg, France and terminating on the the Mediterranean, in Nice.  However, most people just do the... Continue Reading →

Into the Whites, NH

Location:  White Mountains National Forest, NH Date:  Oct 25-31, 2017 Base:  Lincoln, NH Seven days hiking in the White Mountains National Forest. Wet. Cold but not as cold as I had expected. Past peak leaf peeper season, but still very beautiful. And best of all - great hiking. I'll be back. There are many popular... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse, Madras, Oregon

Date:  Monday, August 21st, 2017 Event:  Solarfest Location:  Madras, Oregon Wanted to see the total solar eclipse this year and selected Madras, Oregon on the path of totality because I figured I'd get in some hiking also.  Here are some pictures.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera filter, so, I don't have a picture of... Continue Reading →

Day 50.1: By the Numbers

Overall, my trip took 50 days, starting in Royan, France on May 26, 2017.  The French portion, referred to as the Voie Littorale, took 17 days.  The balance of the days were in Spain, on the Camino del Norte, starting in Hondarribia.  Altogether, I had four zeros (days off), one in France and three in... Continue Reading →

Day 50: Stick a Fork in It, We are Done!

Day 50 Date: Friday, July 14, 2017 Start: O Pedrouzo, Spain Stop: Santiago de Compostella, Spain Distance (Official - Personal App): 21/1198 - 20/1297 km Elevation Gain/-Loss/Cumulative Total: 100/-100/20840 mt (328/-328/68373 ft) High Temp: 24 C - 75 F     Final Day. A lot of snoring and people trudging to the bathroom last night.  Little... Continue Reading →

Day 49: Le Déluge

Day 49 Date: Thursday, July 13, 2017 Start: Boimorto, Spain Stop: Albergue Porto de Santiago, O Pedrouzo, Spain Distance (Official - Personal App): 29/1177 - 32/1277 km Elevation Gain/-Loss/Cumulative Total: 120/-300/20640 mt (394/-984/67717 ft) High Temp: 22 C - 72 F     First one out of the albergue at 6 am.  Short walk to the... Continue Reading →

Day 48: Boimorto

Day 48 Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Start: As Laxes, Spain Stop: Municipal Albergue, Boimorto, Spain Distance (Official - Personal App): 38/1148 - 37/1245 km Elevation Gain/-Loss/Cumulative Total: 200/-200/20220 mt (656/-656/66339 ft) High Temp: 23 C - 73 F Yo, I'm walkin' here. A few people start getting up at 5:30 am.  This... Continue Reading →

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