Thou Shalt . . .

Recently, I came across a discussion on an online forum about "rules" to ensure a successful pass-thru hike.  The discussion was initiated by a rather lengthy post by someone who felt very strongly that his/her way was the only way.  This is not the first time that I've come across similar rigid thinking.  So, I... Continue Reading →

2011 Slovenia Hiking – Wednesday

Krn or Bust! Highest elevation. Toughest day. Enough said. The above shot is half way up. I think this where the mountaintop was blown off during WWI. Italians hiding explosives. Austrians came along and blew them up. And yes, those are bikes. A group of guys hauled their bikes up to that point and were... Continue Reading →

Slovenia Hiking Group

The Slovenia hiking trip was thru REI, who refers to it as the Slovenia Hiking: The Julian Alps . All together there were 14 people in my group - all from the USA. There were two couples from North Carolina, a couple from Wisconsin, two friends from New York, cousins from Ohio and Colorado and... Continue Reading →

Two Thumbs Up for REI

Before I left for my Slovenia trip, I bought a set of Black Diamond trekking poles from REI. Near the end of the last hike of the trip, the pointy end of one of the poles came off or broke. Took the poles back to REI and they exchanged them with no questions asked. Were... Continue Reading →

2011 Slovenia

Been a while. Just returned from a hiking trip in Slovenia. Great group of people. Tough hiking. Total blast. Slovenia was pristine and beautiful. Here are a few more pictures. Full set at 2011 Slovenia Album.

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