Day 42: Samblismo, Spain

Date:Monday, July 8, 2019Start:Albergue Quintana, GradoStop:Albergue Peregrinos, Samblismo Distance (Day**Total):31   **   1174 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):610/-566   **   30838 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):7:21Day High Temp:19 C   I had breakfast at 6:30 am at the albergue. I think they got up just for me as I was the only one up until I left at... Continue Reading →

Day 41: La Espina, Spain

Date:Sunday, July 7, 2019Start:Albergue Quintana, GradoStop:Albergue Texu, La Espina Distance (Day**Total):33   **   1143 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):1075/-492   **   29662 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):6:45Day High Temp:21 C   Didn't get much sleep last night because of an industrial strength snorer. This is not your run of the mill snoring but off the Richter scale. Fortunately,... Continue Reading →

Day 40: Grado, Spain

Date:Saturday, July 6, 2019Start:Hotel N.H. Oviedo Principado, OviedoStop:Albergue Quintana, GradoDistance (Day**Total):28   **   1110 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):499/-604   **   28095 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):5:45Day High Temp:27 C   I end up spending three nights in Oviedo. It's really nice town. I preferred it over Leon. During the Muslim invasion of Spain, many Christian relics were... Continue Reading →

Day 39: Oviedo, Spain

Date:Wednesday, July 3, 2019Start:Albergue de Peregrinos, Mieres del CaminoStop:Hotel N.H. Oviedo Principado, OviedoDistance (Day**Total):19   **   1082 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):530/-493   **   26992 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):4:22Day High Temp:23 C   Today is going to be a really short day. We leave together, around 7:30. Have breakfast at an open bar near the albergue. It... Continue Reading →

Day 38: Goats, Blood Shot Eye, Sidra & Winning Women

Date:Tuesday, July 2, 2019Start:Albergue de Peregrinos, BenduenosStop:Albergue de Peregrinos, Mieres del CaminoDistance (Day**Total):28   **   1064 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):168/-580   **   25969 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):5:02Day High Temp:17 C   Mieres del Camino, Spain . . . Benduenos is off the trail. There is a way to get back on without having to back track... Continue Reading →

Day 37: Tough & Foggy to Benduenos, Spain

Date:Monday, July 1, 2019Start:Municipal Albergue, Poladura de la TerciaStop:Albergue de Peregrinos, BenduenosDistance (Day**Total):38   **   1035 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):925/-1556   **   25231 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):10:01Day High Temp:18 C   Toughest day of this trip. It was supposed to be 30 km but ended up being 38 because of poor way marking and I think... Continue Reading →

Day 36: Poladura de la Tercia, Spain

Date:Sunday, June 30, 2019Start:Municipal Albergue, La RoblaStop:Municipal Albergue, Poladura de la TerciaDistance (Day**Total):25   **   997 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):571/-280   **   22750 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):5:34Day High Temp:28 C   Let the Climbing Begin . . . I'm the first one to get up at around 6 am. The albergue in La Robla is setup... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Hot First Day on the Camino de San Salvador

Date:Saturday, June 29, 2019Start:Hotel Conde Luna, LeonStop:Municipal Albergue, La RoblaDistance (Day**Total):30   **   972 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):382/-250   **   21899 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):6:36Day High Temp:33 C   Leon was the my last stop on the Camino Frances. Today, I divert to the Camino de San Salvador also known as Camino del Salvador. It is... Continue Reading →

Day 34: Leon, Spain

Date:Wednesday, June 26, 2019Start:Casa Blanca, Mansilla de las MulasStop:Hotel Conde Luna, LeonDistance (Day**Total):20   **   942 kmElev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):138/-97   **   21267 metersMoving Time (hh:mm):3:52Day High Temp:29 C   Very short day. In Leon in no time. I don't recall much about the day's walk and didn't note anything in my journal. I have... Continue Reading →

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