View From My Balcony

I recently got a new iPhone, the 7 Plus.  The camera is great.  It replaces a 6s with a cracked lens.  Apple replaced my 6s with a new refurbished phone but I decided to trade it in for a 7 Plus.  Here are several shots from my 7th floor living room balcony.

Wreck in Nocogdoches

In a wreck, yesterday, on the way home from Shell’s North Louisiana field office. No one was hurt. Traffic stopped at a light on 59S. I look behind me and truck following me is slowing down and comes to a stop. I look ahead and boom. Rear window breaks, glass flies, car pushed forward. I’m…

Restoration Hardware

Lining up for the opening of a new Restoration Hardware store in Highland Village. We’re actually getting in line for $100 for the first 100 people. Store opened at 11 am on 11/11/11. Walked over at 9 am and was 24th in line. Employees getting a really long pep talk before opening the store. Opened…

Run With the Saints

Run With the Saints 5K In the memory of Lauren Lockard Benefitting the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation and the John Paul II Catholic School This was the race to close out the Fall PIM (Power in Motion) session.

Tracie/Evan Wedding

Tracie’s wedding to Evan. Outside at the Austin Yacht Club. Very nice but amazing how low the water level is. Stayed at the Barton Creek Resort, which was very nice.

Berry van Boekel @ Peel Gallery

Berry is an artist, originally from The Netherlands and now based in Columbus. He was at a local gallery this weekend. Every year, since 1983, Berry has been putting together a list of top 100 songs. He does a painting for each one. Most of the songs are from oscure musicians. It started as a…


Cold and windy, today. Tonight, it is supposed to get into the 20s. Claim it will be the coldest since 1986. Shot is from my office. That’s a levy on the background. Behind that is the Addicks reservoir.

Dear Valued AT&T U-verse Member

I received a postcard from AT&T that started with that line. Now I know that any communication from a supplier that starts like that means you are fixing to get screwed. It is akin to the recorded message you get when calling customer supporting – “Your call is important to us”. This is said just…

Houston Texans

Man, it wasn’t pretty but, finally! Houston got it’s first winning season by beating the Pats. Now, if the Bengals can only beat the Jets in tonight’s game and we are heading to the playoffs. Somewhat of a long shot because win or lose Cincinnati is in and Jets have to win to get in….

I-10 Houston

I-10, one of the major East-West freeways in Houston was recently expanded. In some areas it is up to 24 lanes, including toll lanes and service roads. Some of the overpasses are so long that they feel like small tunnels. TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) has done some nice work of decorating the overpasses. A…

Bona Hardwood Floors

About once a year, I “refresh” the hardwood floors. I use a product called Bona. It’s a three step process – 1) dry sweep and vacuum, 2) wet cleaner (Bona product) and 3) Bona Refresher. The latter is a sticky, polishy thing that takes about an hour to dry. Can’t walk on it. So, need…

2010 550

Picture is from June 2009 but wanted to put it up on the main page.