2016 Caminho Português

IMG_2347 Day 0
0/0 km
BessaHotel Liberdade
Lisbon, Portugal
img_2348 Day 1
8/8 km
Tivoli Oriente Hotel
Parque des Nacoes, Lisbon, Portugal
 Hot Start
img_2352 Day 2
30/38 km
Hospedes Ribatejana
Vilafranca de Xira, Portugal
 I Meet Another Pilgrim
img_2356 Day 3
22/60 km
Flor de Primavera, Azambuja 
Azambuja, Portugal
Early Morning to Azambuja
IMG_2443 Day 4
32/92 km
Santarem Hostel
Santarem, Portugal
Best Meal of the Trip
Igreja Matriz da Golegã Day 5
32/124 km
Lusitano Hotel
Golega, Portugal
Hair Raising Trek to Golega
IMG_2564 Day 6
0/124 km
Lusitano Hotel
Golega, Portugal
Imma Sick as a Dog
IMG_2567 Day 7
12/136 km
Casa do Patriarca
Atalaia, Portugal
I Make a Friend
IMG_2686 Day 8
21/157 km
Thomar Story
Tomar, Portugal
Tomar, Portugal
IMG_2590 Day 9
0/157 km
Cavaleiros de Cristo
Tomar, Portugal
Tomar Parte Dois
IMG_2705 Day 10
35/192 km
O Bras Residencial
Alvaiazere, Portugal
I Scare People
IMG_2742 Day 11
15/207 km
Residencial Solar Rainha
Ansiao, Portugal
 Short Day
IMG_2732 Day 12
19/226 km
Centro Promocao Turistica
Rabacal, Portugal
Country Cooking
IMG_2753 Day 13
31/257 km
Hotel Oslo
Coimbra, Portugal
 Lucky Coimbra
IMG_2785 Day 14
29/286 km
Hotel Anadia Cabecinho
Anadia, Portugal
Deep Thoughts in Mealhada
IMG_2814  Day 15
36/322 km
Casa de la Alameda
Albergaria-a-Velha, Portugal
 Spooked Out
IMG_2832 Day 16
37/359 km
Hotel Feira Pedra Bela
Malaposta, Portugal
Eating with the Fishes
IMG_2849 Day 17
27/386 km
Pensao Cristal
Porto, Portugal
No Port in Porto
IMG_2914 Day 18
0/386 km
Eurostars Porto Douro
Porto, Portugal
Porto Intermission
IMG_2929 Day 19
28/414 km
Casa Vidal
Vilarinho, Portugal
 Little Pink House
IMG_2978 Day 20
27/441 km
Bagoeira Hotel
Barcelos, Portugal
 I Drink Port With Canadians
IMG_3023 Day 21
33/474 km
Hotel Imperio do Norte
Ponte de Lima, Portugal
 Promenade ’em to Ponte de Lima
IMG_3054 Day 22
32/506 km
Quinta Estrada Romana
Cerdal, Portugal
 There Be Mountains
IMG_3078 Day 23
28/534 km
Hotel Puente
O Porrino, Spain
 Hola Espana. Bienvenido!
IMG_3092 Day 24
23/557 km
Hotel Isape
Arcade, Spain
Memory Lane 
Big Meal in a Little Town
IMG_3104 Day 25
33/590 km
Albergue Catro Canos
Tivo, Spain
Bad Donut, No Donut 
IMG_3152 Day 26
29/619 km
Pension Milagrosa
A Picarana, Spain
 Corn Chapels
IMG_3160 Day 27
15/634 km
Hostal la Salle
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Santiago de Compostela 
IMG_3190 Day 28
22/656 km
Albergue La Mezquita
Negreira, Spain
 Bridge Over Rio Tambre
IMG_3126 Day 29
34/690 km
Albergue Horreo
Olveiroa, Spain
Olveiroa, Spain 
IMG_3261 Day 30
32/722 km
Bella Muxia Albergue
Muxia, Spain
 Da Ocean in Muxia
Mo’ Ocean in Muxia
IMG_3296 Day 31
33/755 km
Hotel Mar de Fisterra
Finisterre, Spain
 Non-Coastal Coastal Route
Beer on the Beach
Cape Finisterre
IMG_3324 Day 32
0/755 km
Hotel Mar de Fisterra
Finisterre, Spain
Rest & Home 

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