Four Days in Merida

Initially, we think about checking out early and heading home. But then we decide to make lemondade. We’ll relax in Merida for four days and then spend four days in Madrid. Perhaps, by the time we get to Madrid, Kay’s leg will be well enough that we can do a few things there.

We walk around a little bit, staying close to the hotel, but even with trekking poles, it is painful. We end up spending a lot of time at one of the cafes in the square across the street – Plaza de Espana. And there are a lot of restaurant choices within steps of the hotel.

There is a Mexican restaurant – run by Venezuelans. The ingredients are fresh but the issue is the seasoning. Spanish people do not like spicy. So, if you order really spicy, it’ll come out less sweet than regular. But they had really good hot sauce [Made in Mexico], which made what I ordered edible. Kay loved hers. So, we ate there twice. What’re you gonna do?

But the best meal of the trip was at a Thai restaurant. It was one km from the hotel. Walking that would normally be nothing but we took cab there and back. The restaurant was run by a lovely couple – she was from Vietnam and he from Spain. He had lived in Viet Nam for over 20 years where they also had a Thai restaurant by the same name. When Covid hit, they sold the restaurant and opened this one in Merida. Once again seasoning was off even though I requested spicy. She’s the chef and he’s the waiter. I think she would have understood. When she came out to check on us, I mentioned it could be spicier and she brought out chopped red peppers. Very hot. The kind where your eyes start watering just looking at them. Perfect.

Some shots from our four days in Merida.

Plaza de Espana, Merida

Plaza de Espana, Merida

Rooftop pool at the Hotel Ilunion
Stork across from our hotel
Trajan Arch, Merida
Merida Train Station – Heading to Madrid

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