The Pooch Gets Screwed

Kay can’t walk.

Evidently I was wrong that it was just fatigue and a night’s rest would fix her leg right up.

Further proof that walking with someone else or in a group can be more dangerous. I once read about a study that claimed that 80% of the deaths due to altitude sickness were people who were with a group, not solo. Initially, I thought that counter intuitive but it actually makes sense. If you are hurt and in a group, you are generally unwilling to do anything that slows the group down or stops them. Because the cure for altitude sickness is get the person down immediately, this could jeopardize everyone’s trek or climb.

I’ve seen a lot of people get hurt at the start of a hike. Nearly all of the injuries are related to going too fast. Because someone in the group is walking too fast and you feel a need to keep up and don’t want to be the person that slows down the group.

For this trip, I thought I had adjusted my pace and also tried to take more breaks. Once I get going, I tend not to stop until I get to the day’s stop. Evidently, I did not do enough. In hindsight, I should have insisted we should go shorter and slower the first couple of weeks.

However, I was hopeful that like my back, a few days rest would fix it and we would be back on the camino. However, we couldn’t stay at the rinky dink brown water roadside hotel. So, I booked 4 nights at the Ilunion Hotel in Merida and had the bar owner call us a cab.

The hotel is very nice and overlooks the Plaza de Espana. Knowing that we were probably not going to be wandering around too much, I upgraded to a Superior Room. The room is great. It is huge and overlooks the plaza. And the staff are amazing, getting us ice (for Kay’s leg) whenever we needed it.

Hotel Ilunion Merida Palace
View of Plaza de Espana from our room

Kay has a very high threshold for pain and she is very stoic. I don’t trust her that she will admit that she can’t go on. So, head to the emergency room. It is busy and the wait is long, over an hour but everyone is very kind and patient with our lack of Spanish. We get by with Google Translate. The leg gets x-rayed. Good news – no breaks. Bad news – this camino is over. They wrap the leg. Prescribe some medication. Tell us to ice it periodically.

And we are done.

Merida Hospital

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