Day 9: Merida

Torremejia to Merida

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Although it was a short day, today, we still started early and were in Merida before 11 am. Basically making this half a zero. Merida is a good sized town with lots to see. We had thought about spending an extra night but decided that one was enough. Plus we had already taken two zeros, a few days earlier, because of my bad back.

Merida covers both sides of this pedestrian bridge but the old town center is across the bridge.

Puente Romano de Mérida

Although it is really early, we are able to check in. The hotel, Alojamiento Piedra de Luna, is in a renovated old house in a residential neighborhood but still close to the center. The room is very nice.

Shower and head out.

Kay makes a new friend outside a ham store.
Temple of Diana

Roman ruins. Actually, I think these are ruins upon ruins upon ruins of Roman ruins.

SMH!!! I didn’t realize until now how few pictures I took. This is my only shot of what Merida is the most famous for – the Alcazaba of Merida. This is a ninth century Muslim castle and/or fort and on the UNESCO heritage site. It’s the wall on the left in the picture.

Merida, Spain
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