Day 44: Best Tortilla

Date:Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Start:Albergue Camino Primitivo, Berducedo
Stop:Albergue Casa Sanchez, Grandas de Salime
Distance (Day**Total):22   **   1221 km
Elev Gain/Loss (Day**Total):613/-950   **   33853 meters
Moving Time (hh:mm):5:01
Day High Temp:24 C

. . . in Grandas de Salime, Spain

It’s still dark when about half a dozen of us get up. We’re all getting dressed in the small seating section of the bar area. It’s tight and a couple of people end up moving outside. By the time the Polish manager arrives to open the bar for breakfast, we are ready to order. A quick cortado and tostada and I am on the move. There is a lot of asphalt today but it is beautiful. We are above the clouds for most of the day.

There is a meadow on top of one mountain that has an ancient pilgrim refuge with outstanding views. It’s a historical site and not used but a great place for a break. I keep moving.

There’s a point where there is a steep decline into a forest and it looks like you are going to drop off the side and step onto the clouds. A lot of switchbacks. There’s a narrow section along a ravine with a steep drop. Yikes!

It’s a steep walk down to the dam. And then a steep walk up from the dam to the town.

I’m the first one at the albergue. I shower and head out for lunch at a nearby bar. I have the best tortilla I have ever had. A Spanish couple, also pilgrims, come in and the guy overhears me tell the bar owner that this is the best tortilla I have ever had. We start talking and he tells me that the best tortilla is in A Coruna.

But isn’t best pretty subjective. How was this decided? By popular vote?

No, they actually had a contest. And it was judged the best by professional tortilla judges for several years in a row.

Well, say no more . . . I might head to A Coruna after Santiago to try out their tortilla.

BTW, tortilla in Spain is not the same as tortilla in the US. In Spain it’s a quiche like thing made of eggs and, usually, potatoes. The potatoes may be replaced by ham or something else.

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