Day 31.3: Cape Finisterre

Day 31
Date: Thursday, Oct 6, 2016
Start: Muxia
Stop: Hotel Mar de Fisterra, Finisterre     👍👍
Distance (Day/Total): 33/755 km
High Temp: 18 C/64 F (Low:  11 C/52 F)

A single thumbs up or down is simply an indication of whether I would stay there again or not.  It is not a recommendation.  A double thumbs up or down indicates that the place was great and I highly recommend it or absolutely awful and stay away.

Continuation of Day 31.2

While having beers on the beach, Steve, David and I had agreed to meet at a certain spot and time to head up to the lighthouse.  We would meet in the town center.  On the way to the meeting spot, I stopped at a bar for a bottle of wine.  Must be pretty common.  The bartender didn’t bat an eye.  He opened the bottle and then pressed the cork back in and asked if I needed plastic glasses, something I would have forgotten.  Of course, I’ll take glasses.  We are not heathens.  Well . . .


Got to the meeting spot and the group had expanded to about 10 pilgrims, including Sue (from South Africa).  Yay, Sue!  David was there but he was there just to see us off.  He had already done the whole lighthouse thing on a previous camino.  The lighthouse is 3 km from the town center and 780 ft higher.  Sue said she was going to take a taxi and asked if anyone else wanted to share.  Scaré bleu!!!!  I’m adamant that having walked 752 km I wasn’t about to take a taxi for the final 3 km.  Steve and I set off on foot while everyone else takes taxis.  It’s rush hour with cars and walkers going up the road to the lighthouse.


Half way up, we realize that we had cut it close and need to start moving.  Practically running.  Not easy to do in socks and flip-flops.  We make it just before the sun hit the horizon.  We have lost Sue & company but don’t have time to look for them.  It’s teeming with people and we need to find a spot.  We see two familiar German pilgrims occupying a really nice rock.  We greet them like long lost friends and they invite us to join them.  We watch the sun go down and finish the 3 bottles of wine that we have among the 4 of us.


As we start heading down, we run into Sue, again.  Yay, Sue!  She’s in a taxi and asks if we want a ride.  Hell no!  We walked up, we’re walking back down.  If walking in socks and flip-flops is fun in it’s own right, adding booze takes it to whole new level.  Hilarity ensued.  Back in town, we stopped for refreshments.




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