Day 31.2: Beer on the Beach in Finisterre

Day 31
Date: Thursday, Oct 6, 2016
Start: Muxia
Stop: Hotel Mar de Fisterra, Finesterre     👍👍
Distance (Day/Total): 33/755 km
High Temp: 18 C/64 F (Low:  11 C/52 F)

A single thumbs up or down is simply an indication of whether I would stay there again or not.  It is not a recommendation.  A double thumbs up or down indicates that the place was great and I highly recommend it or absolutely awful and stay away.

Continuation of Day 31.1

After quick, low-pressure, lukewarm showers over the last three days, it is great to take a slow, hot shower.  And the luxurious cotton towels are such an improvement over my barely a hand towel, travel chamois.  It’s the little things.  

Refreshed but starving, I head back to the packed, fancy restaurant, Tira do Cordel, I had seen on my way in.  It was late in the afternoon; late for lunch even by Spanish standards.  There was no one at the front and I ducked my head into the main dining room.  The room was IMG_3326full, except for one table that had not been fully cleared.  I scanned the crowd.  People were dressed up.  Definitely not pilgrims.  Except this one, older couple.  Despite their best attempts at gussying up, he had even shaved, you could still spot them.

The manager spots me and does not look happy.  I give him the broadest grin that my scraggly, t-shirted self can muster.  He seems unmoved as he comes over and tells me that lunch is over.  I can’t recall what I said but probably something about being really quick as I put on my best pleading puppy dog look.  I guess it worked.  He relented and showed me to the lone table.  Cleared it and replaced the table cloth.  Don’t recall what I had, either steak or roast pork with fries and a glass of wine, but it was delicious.  The bill came to €20, which is high by Spanish pilgrim standards but not bad at all for what I got in a tourist town.

Steve, me and David (l to r) having beers in Finisterre, Spain

After lunch, I start walking towards the town center.  I have my journal and want to find a spot to get a coffee and write.  Heading in the opposite direction, I run into David (UK/NZ IT guy) and Steve (from Mississippi).  I had had dinner with them the previous night.  They were heading to the Tira do Cordel for a beer.  Did I want to join them?  Sure.  We get beers from the bar at the restaurant and sit outside on an overturned dinghy.    We talk about our camino experiences.  We have another beer.  Steve had just done the Camino Frances, the main route from the Pyrenees and said that this was his last one.  I told him that I had said the same thing after my first one and was saying it again, now.  We laughed.  David was going to walk back to Santiago rather than taking the bus.  Steve and I said, now way.  We were done walking.  We had another beer.  We talk politics.  We have another beer.  When a couple walks by, I ask if they minded taking a picture.  The top pic was the first one and she suggested we consider moving for the second shot.  We do and this is the second shot.

Steve, David and me (l to r) in Finisterre Spain

We agree to meet later, just before sunset, to head out to the lighthouse together.


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