Day 26: Corn Chapels

Day 26
Date: Saturday, Oct 1, 2016
Start: Tivo
Stop: Pension Milagrosa, A Picarana     👎👎
Distance (Day/Total): 29/619 km
High Temp: 19 C/66 F

A single thumbs up or down is simply an indication of whether I would stay there again or not.  It is not a recommendation.  A double thumbs up or down indicates that the place was great and I highly recommend it or absolutely awful and stay away.

I start at 8 am.  IMG_3141The day starts overcast and the temp is down quite a bit.


There are a lot of these strange looking stone rooms that are propped up off the ground.
I’m told they were used for storing corn and kept the mice out.  They all have crosses and I call them corn chapels but they’re called horreos.

In Padron, I see Sameer (Belgium) and Rebecca (Australia/Mexico) at a restaurant, having lunch.  I join them for lunch.  They ask me if I have seen Sue (from South Africa).  I haven’t seen her today but know that she had been having problems with her hip and had slowed down considerably.  We finish lunch and walk together.

We pass thru a lot of vineyards and at one point when I stop to take pictures of this group harvesting grapes, this girl offers us some.  They’re sweet and tart and taste really good.  But as we pass other vineyards, I wonder if the people working think we took them off the vines ourselves.

We get to A Picarana, which seems to consist of an intersection on a major highway with a hotel, a bar, a car dealership and a commercial shopping strip.  I decide to stop at the hotel and Sameer and Rebecca go on to an albergue that is a couple of km further.  The front desk and the hotel lobby, what little there is, doesn’t look too bad but it turns out that that is not the hotel.  The building is next door and this is creepier.  The room is private but bathroom is shared for the floor.  Neither is very clean.  Shower and out to see what this intersection has to hold for me.

Not much.  The hotel had a restaurant but it is closed.  Across the street is a bar.  I have a couple of beers and check out their menu for dinner.  Nothing interesting.  I walk around and see another restaurant across the highway.  At first I think it is closed but a couple of pilgrims come out.  It doesn’t look very inviting.  I end up skipping dinner.  I never see anyone else staying in the hotel.


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