Day 8: Tomar, Portugal

Day 8

Date: Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016
Start: Atalaia
Stop: Thomar Story, Tomar     👍👍
Dist (Day/Total): 21/157 km
High Temp: N/A

At the pharmacy in Golega, I had asked for something stronger than cough drops.  The pharmacist recommended something called Strepfen (throat lozenges) and assured me that it was the strongest stuff they had.  They don’t seem to be doing any good.  Maybe a little bit of relief, very little, when I was actually sucking on one but otherwise do nothing to alleviate my cough.  It’s actually getting much worse.  One of those long, deep, body shaking hacks that, judging by the looks on their faces, makes people wonder, “Damn, does this guy need to be quarantined?”.

A really bad night.  Didn’t get much sleep.  I debate taking another sick day but at 7:15 am decide to head out to Tomar, which is only 21 km away.  Tomar’s a town of 20,000 and I’d rather take a zero there than Atalaia.  Another hot day and for the first time run into a few hills.  I drag myself into town at around 12:30 pm.

Room at the Thomar Story, Tomar

I stop at a bakery for lunch.  While there I look for a hotel.  Thomar Story is a newer hotel and has great reviews.  I had checked last night and they had no rooms available.  Now, they have a vacancy but only for one night at €29.  I book it and hope I can extend my stay.  It’s a tiny hotel and modeled somewhat like the Ibis hotel but nicer and doesn’t feel as confining.  It’s two years old but looks practically brand new.  When checking in, I ask if there is a clinic close by and she gives me the name of a and phone number of a doctor.  I call him but keep getting his voicemail.  I leave him a message.  I shower and try to take a nap while I wait for the doctor to return my call.  I can’t sleep.  It takes a while but I finally get through to the doctor but he doesn’t speak any English.  I finally give up and decide to rely on Google Maps.  I find one, but when I get there it is closed; as in out of business.  I try a couple more times and finally realize that clinica isn’t necessarily a clinic but a spa or a med spa.  FML!  I stop in a pharmacy and ask them.  At first they are puzzled at my insistence that has to be within walking distance.  They finally give me directions to a place.  I get there and no evidence of a clinic.  I had seen a hospital on Google Maps but it was a very long walk and besides I thought that my situation wasn’t dire enough to warrant a hospital.  I may just have to go to a hospital.  But I decide to leave that decision for tomorrow.

For dinner, I’m in the mood for Italian and don’t want to spend too much time wandering around.  Earlier I had seen an Italian restaurant named La Bella on a touristy walk street near the hotel.  So I there and order spaghetti.  It tastes like the kind of pasta you would find at a touristy walk street restaurant named La Bella.  Mediocre.  And shockingly expensive.  I call it a night and head back to the hotel.


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