Day 2: I Meet Another Pilgrim

Day 2

Date: Wednesday, Sep 7, 2016
Start: Parque des Nacoes
Stop: Hospedes Ribatejana, Vilafranca de Xira     👍
Dist (Day/Total): 30/38 km
High Temp: 27 C/81 F

Had breakfast at the hotel and was walking by 7 am.  The hotel was a block from the boardwalk.  The sunrise shot is from the beginning of the boardwalk.   While not as hot as yesterday, still pretty hot with no shade along the way.  On the way, met Goorgio; a pilgrim from Italy.  He was walking to Fatima.  We walked together.  In addition to Italian, he spoke Spanish and Portuguese but not a lick of English.  In Vilafranca de Xira, we shared a room.

Artwork along the Boardwalk

The owner of the hotel had been an engineer overseas and spoke fluent English.  He returned to Portugal when he lost his job.  When he was unable to find a permanent job, he had bought this hotel/hostel.  He was a really interesting guy.  It was very inexpensive, cheaper even than Spain.  He charged one euro to do the laundry – not just the use of his washer/dryer but he actually did it, including folding.  This still holds the record as the least amount I ever paid for laundry.  Up until Porto, Portugal was very inexpensive.  Less expensive than Spain along Camino Francis.  However, once I got to Porto, it got more expensive, comparable to Camino Francis and in some cases even more so.

Getting into Villafranca.  That’s Goorgio.

I accepted Goorgio’s invitation to go to mass with him before I realized that it didn’t start until around 7:30.  Oh, oh; dinner’s going to be late.   I did get a very nice stamp from the church and the priest signed the stamp, which is rare.  After mass, we went looking for a restaurant.  By the time we landed on one, it was nearly 9 pm.   Definitely way past my dinner time.  The place was empty when we got there, with a couple of tables filling up halfway thru our meal.  I ordered a steak and it was very tough.  I wasn’t able to finish it.  Goorgio ordered sardines, which he seemed to enjoy.  We were able to carry on a disjointed conversation via translation apps on our phones.

Dinner in Vilafranca de Xira



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