Day 3: AT Georgia is Kicking My Ass

  • Woody Gap
  • Friday, March 18, 2016

The heat from the first day has continued for the following two.  It actually feels even hotter.  Later on someone tells me that the temp had hit the 80s, which was a record for that time of the year.  The featured picture on my previous post – a shaded path meandering thru a canopy of green, leafy trees – is really misleading and no way reflects my experience so far.  There is practically no shade.  Practically all the hiking is along exposed ridges and the heat has sapped my energy.  I get to Woody Gap, hitch a ride to the country store that is half a mile up the road and order a couple of slices.  It’s contemplation time.

I make a mental list:

  1. It has been unbelievably hot.  However, I know it’s not going to last.  This is just an anomaly and I don’t think winter is over.  But between the heat and the allergy symptoms that have started on the 3rd day, I am exhausted.
  2. I have done 20 miles in 3 days.  While doing my planning, I had not paid attention to the elevation loss/gains.  GA is no joke.  And this isn’t even the toughest part in GA.  That comes at Unicoi Gap.  And NC is going to be even tougher.
  3. I’m way out of shape.  After my knee injury, I had stopped running and gained 40 lbs.  I look like the Pillsbury Doughboy leaning over the the plaque at Springer Mountain.
  4. And that knee.  I had hurt my left knee on another hike.  Healed.  Then hurt it again a couple of months later while running.  I had never gone to the doctor, hoping that if I didn’t do anything strenuous for an extended period it would heal itself.  Evidently it hadn’t.

Also, the outfitter at Woody Gap does not have any Nalgene bottles, so, I am stuck with my “wait 4 hours but I’m drinking in 30 minutes” tablets for water treatment.

I take a zero as I try to decide what to do.  However, the following day my knee and allergies are worse.  I feel miserable.  I eat more pizza.  What to do?  I take another zero.  What to do?


Flip Flop.


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