AT NOBO Planning

Put together a preliminary plan for my AT thru-hike that calls for completion in 101 days.  This is probably too aggressive and 120 days is a more realistic target.  However, I’m going to keep the 101 days as a stretch goal.

Start date is still kinda up in the air because of delays with my shelter.  Ordered a ZPack Duplex and evidently they have been swamped.  It is now supposed to ship on Friday (Mar 4th) and is a tossup if it arrive in time for my departure on Mar 15th.  Trying to decide if I should push back right now while I can still make flight changes without incurring additional cost.

2016 AT NOBO Plan


My shelter came in over the weekend.  The package was very compact and light.  I wondered if ZPacks had decided to split the order in two; shipping the other stuff first and sending  the tent later.    As I am opening the package I’m pissed at myself for not changing my flight and hostel reservation for the first night.

Nope, the tent was in there.  

I’m so smart for not changing my travel plans.


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  1. My wife and I are planning to hike NOBO at the end of March, and as a fellow spreadsheet enthusiast, let me say kudos. This is amazing. We are definitely using this for planning and tracking our progress. I have one question: under the column “Services”, what does each of the letters indicate? I lied, I have a second question. What information is being conveyed on Sheet2?



    1. Thanks for the comment. Here’s the key to services. I was more diligent with flagging H, R, and S at every location. Not so much with the others.

      B Bus/Shuttle
      C Camping
      H Hostel/Hotel
      L Laundry
      R Restaurant
      S Supplies
      SH Shower
      T Toilet

      Sheet2 is a list of hostels/hotels reviewed by other hikers. Pink is generally bad and green good. The count under the Good and Bad column headings is the number of people who liked or disliked that hostel. The source is primarily reddit and whiteblaze.

      The list of states with a number next to it is an alphabetical order of states traveled. The number next to the state is the numeric order of that state. So, CT is first state alphabetically and 10th one a thru-hiker would travel thru. Yes, I am anal.

      I’ve also added a services key to Sheet2.

      I hope you find the spreadsheet useful and good luck on your hike. BTW, I don’t expect to follow the plan. I never have on any of my other thru-hikes. This is just an exercise I go thru to prepare for the hike, get a general familiarity where my stops and supply points will be and how long I think it will take. During the hike I go or stop based on how I feel that day.


      1. This is great! Thank you. I’ve made a copy. We’re planning to use it for planning the next week in front of us and also to keep track of where we’ve been. This is so incredibly helpful, thank you!


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