WTF Istanbul Airport???

Recently, Istanbul is the only airport I’ve been to that does not have free WIFI.  Or at least the International terminal doesn’t have any WIFI.  Not even the Starbucks inside the airport.  So, not only am I stuck there for 14 hours but without any connection to the Internet.  Because the 14 hours were from 11 pm to around 1:20 pm, there wasn’t enough time to go into town.  Plus later on someone at the airport told me that I would need a visa.  Evidently there is no visa on arrival.

There is a hotel inside the terminal that rents by the hour but really expensive and I decided I didn’t want to spend any more money at an airport that didn’t have any WIFI.  The airport probably didn’t own the hotel but still . . .

I tried sleeping but couldn’t.  So, I walked up and down the terminal.  I guess after walking every day for about a month I was in auto-pilot.  I bought some books.  Drank some coffee.  Ate some food.  Listened to my music; glad that I had brought my earbuds.  The good thing is that all the stores within the terminal accepted US$ and euros and didn’t need to get Turkish lira

The last two hours or so before boarding I got fixated in the one euro in coins that I had leftover.  What the hell was I thinking? This is an airport.  One euro in an airport is like a penny in the real world.  I had euros in bills but I knew that these I could exchange into dollars in Houston but couldn’t do the same for coins.  Sure, I would return to Europe but the coins I knew I would lose.  So, I decided I would spend 11 or 21 euro in order to get rid of the one euro in coins.  You need to spend money to . . . ah, spend money.  Even in my sleep deprived state, I quickly realized that that did’t make any sense.  I wasn’t going to pay for some over-priced shit that I didn’t need just to to get rid of these coins.  I’ll just take them home and put them in a Ziploc bag for safekeeping.  That way, in a few weeks, I’ll be out one euro and one Ziploc bag.

Incidentally, I can’t believe I spent 14 hours in the Istanbul airport and didn’t take a single picture.  WTF!!!!

Oh, also, I have a feeling I’ll be back next year in July for just the Alps portion of the hike.


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