Yes, this is the town where Evian water comes from.  The plant was down the street from the train station and I passed by why appeared to be their HQ building.  Evian was a really cute little town on Lac Leman.  It was much more charming than Thonon, which had actually a rundown feel.  It took two rides to get me into town.  The second ride dropped me off in front of the train station.  And right across the street was this cute little hotel.  I checked into the last room that they had.

After my shower, went down to the bar for my beer and to make my travel arrangements.  I had flown to Amsterdam on a one way ticket, never booking my return.  Unfortunately, the hotel only had Heineken, which is watered down crap.  So, decided to go with the syrup drinks that you can find in every cafe and bar in France.  Chose grenadine flavor.  I think this was the first and only hiking day that ended without beer.

I started checking for flights.  Interestingly, the cheapest flight to Houston turned out to be out of Nice on Turkish Airlines.  It connected thru Istantbul which adds another 4/5 hours to the flight to Houston.  And there was a 15 hour layover.  I checked other cities but at $609 this was 1/3rd the price of the next cheapest flight.  My preference would have been United direct to Houston but the cheapest I found was around $3500 from AMS.  So, booked my flight on Turkish Airlines.

Then using my Capitaine Train mobile app purchased my train tickets to Nice.  BTW, if you’re traveling to France and will be using their highly efficient and on time trains, download this app.  One of the best travel apps I have found.  Simple, intuitive.  Just very well designed.  Then I walked down to the lake in search of dinner.

The first shot is of Lac Leman from the bar.  The next is the hotel.  Followed by the train station, taken from my room.  The last is the lake again when I was walking around.

IMG_2113 IMG_2104



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