GR 5 Lodging – France 25

Day 25:  Pompey

Once again had trouble finding a place to stay and had to adjust my plans based on where lodging was available. Found a rather expensive place in Pompey called Domaine de Printaniere.  Given that there was nothing else around, I went ahead and booked what was the last room according to  This turned out to be untrue. There were several other rooms available.

But once again I had to wait for someone to let me in. I couldn’t find wifi so I could call myself but a restaurant closely allowed me to use their phone. The best she could do was come over at 5 pm rather than the customary 6 pm. BTW, that’s another big difference between Belgium/Luxembourg and France. Practically every business in the former had free wifi.  Harder to find it in France.  Anyway I cooled my heels at the restaurant until 5.

The person opening the place was very nice and apologetic and the room was a bit over the top. But it was a nice, clean place.


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