Family Hotels

In the smaller towns in Belgium and Luxembourg most hotels are small, family owned and run establishments. All have a restaurant attached and that appears to be the primary and original business. Someone figured out that there were a lot of out of towners eating and looking for a place to spend the night.  So, they refurbished the upstairs (most of these restaurants lol like they were started in a home) and voila.  And it’s the restaurant staff that runs the hotel; check-ins, etc. 

So, how is this even interesting. I’m getting there. All restaurants close around 2 pm and reopen at 6 pm. And because it is the restaurant staff that runs the hotel that also means. . . .  Yeah, you’re way ahead of me.  Because what on God’s green earth could possibly be happening in a hotel between the hours of 2 and 6 pm!!!!

You’ve been warned. If you’re visiting these two countries and heading outside of the larger cities and plan on arriving anywhere in the afternoon, bring a deck of cards. 


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