Playing Through

So, Wednesday morning I’m walking up this little hill.  On top of the hill, the road I’m on ends and in front ofe is a fork. On top of the there is also a street sign with the trail blaze screwed on pointing the way.  Pointing directly between the two options.  I scan down each road and see no additional markings on either one.  I finally decide that the trail blaze is pointing more to the left. That also appears to be the correct direction.  So, I head down that way.

After a while the dirt road becomes a little wilder. It turns a corner and is now just mashed down grass going thru a field. I hesitate and wonder if I should turn around. I decide to keep going. Eventually the grass is no longer mashed down but comes up to my chest. I wade thru until finally I come to a stone wall. I walk along the wall for a little bit but it continues for as far as I can see.  I have to go back and I am so pissed. Instead I start climbing over the wall. I think to myself that this is stupid.  I could break a leg and lay there forever. On the other side of the wall is an embankment that is wildly overgrown. I get over the wall. Although getting scratched up, I make it up the embankment.  And find myself on the fairway of the 4th hole of a golf course.

It turned out that I was in France at the  Golf Chateau de Preisch, more than 3 km off course. It was nearly, not quite, but nearly worth the expression on the faces of the golfers and club staff.

The pics are where I came through, what I saw and the first groundskeeper I encountered. Everyone was very nice especially the Marshall. Yeah, he showed up and offered me a ride to the clubhouse.  I told him I was only walking. At first I thought he was going to insist but he relented.  He was very cool.


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