Hey, More Hikers

So, I’m on my last 4 km of the day heading to Mondorf-les-Bains.  I had walked faster than expected and was contemplating going further than planned. However, I was unsure of the lodging situation beyond Mondorf. I was deep in thought.

I am walking on a deserted country road.  There has been no traffic.  It is very quiet. There is a field on one side and an embankment on the other and tall grass up to the edge of the road on both sides.

About 50 meters ahead I notice a dark shape in the grass, along the embankment.  A few more steps and I realize that there are two people laying down.  As I get close I see the trekking poles and backpacks.  Hallelujah!  Two more hikers.

They are Conchita & Andre from Belgium. They started around Maastricht and are heading to Rome. They expect to make it by around Oct/Nov.

We had a nice little chat. They are a lovely couple and I hope I run into them again. Conchita is maintaining a blog at http://cenatevoetnaarrome.gaatverweg.nl.  It’s in Flemish so fire up Google Translate.

So, all together, over the last 19 days I have met a total of 7 pass thru hikers.  The Dorgans, Americans living in Paris and heading to Nice.  Three other Belgians who started in the Belgian/Luxembourg border and heading to Nice also. I met them on their first day of hiking and unfortunately, we spoke very briefly and I did not take a picture.

Oh, I stopped in Mondorf but you already knew that from my last post  😀.


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