GR 5 Lodging – Luxembourg 4

Day 19:  Mondorf-les-Bains

No hotel reservation today. Got into Mondorf a little irritated. Coming into town the trail takes you thru a city park. Rather than just taking you thru, the trail meanders and loops around the whole park. You realize that you are being taken around the park along some highlights, i.e. sculptures, topiaries, places to take pictures (yes, there are signs designating as such).  I understand that the city fathers (and mothers) are proud of their park but this is an underhanded way of showing it off. I just want to find a hotel.

I stopped at the first place, the Belle Fontaine. I inquired about a room availability and price. The cost was €60 for a single and €80 for a double. Here’s my subsequent exchange with the owner – exhibit A on how not to do it.

Me:  It’s just me, so a single.

Owner:  Do you want a small (twin) or big (double) bed?

Me:  I don’t care. A small is fine

Owner:  We don’t have any more small beds.  I’ll have to charge you €80 for the large bed.

At this point I just look at her for a few seconds. I’ve never heard of that. That cost is by the size of the bed and not by the number of people. I suspect that really wasn’t the case but she was trying to get an extra €20.

I said no and started to leave and she quickly changed her mind. I went ahead and accepted but if I had to do it over would have walked. I knew there were plenty of hotels nearby and this was the middle of the week.  She did and said a couple of other relatively minor things that appeared unnecessarily deceitful.  I progressively felt less and less comfortable but decided to stay.

I ended up being put on the top (5th) floor. Tiny room that felt even smaller because of the slanted roof. Hotel appeared empty. My first negative hotel experience so far. I made sure I ate dinner elsewhere.  I wonder if she is on the pearl commission.



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