GR 5 Lodging – Luxembourg 3

Day 18:  Remich

Am in the wine region of Luxembourg. Most of today’s walk was along the Moselle River. The previous night, at Sumon’s Plaza, I had asked for suggestions on where to stop for the rest oft walk thru Luxembourg.  Remich was one suggestion.

I selected Hostelletie des Pecheurs.  I checked it out on It was reasonably priced for the area and had s highly recommended Chinese restaurant. They were down to one single room so I went ahead and booked.

Run by a Chinese family, it is primarily a restaurant with some (8?) rooms on the 2nd DNS 3rd floors. Fortunately, I’m on the 2nd floor.  The room is very small, with a twin bed but has a table, closet and a flat screen tv. There is some contraption in the floor that is either s heater or an air conditioner. The bathroom is the tiniest I have seen so far. But they will do my laundry.  I’ve found out that most places will go your laundry if you beg and Rhine strongly and loudly. This is not your run of the mill whining. We’re talking industrial strength. And, obviously, works in small family owned places not large corporate ones. Some didn’t even charge for it.  Here’s a couple of pictures.



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