GR 5 Lodging – Luxembourg 2

Day 16:  Exchternach

I did a short day because I had trouble finding a room at around 25-35 km mark. Also, because this was a Saturday, booked ahead. Turned out for the best because feeling slightly under the weather with cold like symptoms.

Although several hotels in town, I was down to two options by the time I booked. Picked the one with the higher rating. The hotel is ok. A little drab but clean. The room is huge, which is an anomaly for old European hotels. It is the only room on the 3rd floor.  The TV is the old CRT type.  Google it kids.

Day 17:  Potaschbierg

Kinda screwed up and ended up in Grevenmacher. Good sized village but has no hotel. Not one hotel or B&B.  Basically it’s a suburb of Luxembourg. So, walked about 3 km off the trail (that’s 6 km round trip for you math phobes) to Potaschbierg.  And this location, on an exit ramp for the A1 freeway, has one thang and one thang only.  A fancy hotel. I got me a room.

It’s very nice. Rooms are European small. But modern and clean. Had a bacon cheeseburger at the bar which was really good.  And the fried in both Belgium and Luxembourg are always good. However, even though hungry, couldn’t finish it.  I think my stomach has shrunk also. The bar is covered with old Esso stuff and pictures. The hotel owner also owns a couple of Eddo stations. Here’s some pics.


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