GR 5 Lodging – Luxembourg 1

Day 14:  Vianden

A tourist town. Has a huge chateau on a hill overlooking the town that appears to be the primary tourist draw. It lies on the Our river.

Stayed at the Hotel Vuctor Hugo. Small but nice and clean. Dinner was great. Have eaten salmon twice in a row for dinner.  I like the way they fix it here.  Must be the sauce.  
Day 15:  Beaufort

The bartender at the Victor Hugo had walked a portion of the trail herself and suggested that I make reservations for the weekend. Weekends always filled up during the summer and, in fact, they were sold out for the next two weeks. Was having a tough time finding something. She started calling around and sure enough places were sold out. Finally found a room available and with very reasonable rates.  Had her book it immediately.

It was old and the room very small but it was clean.  But best of all it was right on the trail. The guy who checked me in, Julien, was very nice and accommodating.  And the kitchen/dining room smelled great. They have a limited menu but will definitely eat here.

Here’s Julien at the bar/reception.


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