GR 5 Lodging – Belgium 4

Day 12:  Braunlauf

Now in the German region of Belgium. Braunlauf is a tiny farming community.  Spent the night at the B&B Oase. The owners are farmers and this is their home also.  They have a total of 3 rooms and have been in business for 5  years. Nice and clean.

The Dorgans, the couple I met in Spa, are staying here also. Actually Carroll Dorgan found this place and mentioned it to me.  Everything else was booked and this was actually 5 km further than what we had wanted to walk. So, I made one of my rare reservations.

Because there were no restaurants close by, Carroll had asked if they could serve us dinner also.  They did. We ate with the family which was very nice. Dinner was steak and fries. There were also tomatoes and a green salad. Dessert was ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Here is a shot of the dining room.

Day 13:  Ouren

This will be the last town in Belgium where I spend the night.  Booked a room at the Rittersprung Hotel, same as the Dorgans, the couple I met on Spa.

Got there before the Dorgans. Showered and got a beer.  Had a nice discussion with the owner’s daughter. She and her husband ran the place. Her father was close to 90 and lived next door. Saw him going for a walk, nattingly dressed in a sweater vest. He had opened the place in the 1950s. Evidently, American soldiers had bivouacked in Ouren during and after WWII.  American veterans had been returning for years with their wives to visit. However, as they had gotten older or passed away, there were hardly any more coming. But some of the wives continued to return.


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