GR 5 Lodging – Belgium 3

Day 9:  Olne

Given the problems I had finding a room for Fri night in Liege, I decided to reserve a room for the following night in Spa.  Everything was full with the exception of one place that had rooms starting at €300/night.  And there were quite a few hotels and B&Bs in Spa. Finally found the last room in a B&B in Olne – Le Jardin d’Epicure. Only 12 km from Liege. Don’t really want to do that short a day but don’t want to spend an extra night in Liege either.  So, booked it.

Le Jardin has only one room. It is way off the main road and in the middle of a suburb. It’s in someone’s private house. So, more of an Airbnb situation than a traditional B&B. But the couple and the house are very nice. The room is on the 3rd floor. The front door and living/dining are on the 2nd and I’m assuming the couple’s room is on the bottom floor. The bathroom is not in the room but right next to it.  They have an 11 year old dog named Timmy who, besides a few perfunctory barks when I first walked thru the door, was very friendly.  Here’s a picture of Timmy and my room.

Day 10:  Spa

Spa is a tourist town.  A lot of motorcycles and little convertibles (mostly BMWs) out for a a Sunday drive on the way to Spa. This town was full over the weekend and I had to cut my Sat kms because there was no room. Sunday was different and I found a room at the Hotel Cardinal.  Nothing to write home about. Just your basic hotel room where the bathtub has no shower curtain. But it was smack dab in the middle of everything.

Day 11:  Stavelot

Picked the first place I saw -La Maison. Right in the town square but more importantly on the trail. Your basic European room with a teeny tiny bathroom.


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