GR 5 Lodging – Belgium 2

I chucked my guide book which was only good thru Liege.  It was no help with accommodations and was outdated; it was 12 years old and trail markings had changed.

Day 5:  Averbode

Stayed at the Abbey at Averbode. One of the best abbey rooms I’ve stayed in.  Large private rooms with your own bathroom.  Nice and clean. Large modern bathroom.  And they have Wifi.  Dinner and breakfast is also provided and is donativo.

Day 6:  Hassel

One of the larger towns and had a hard time finding a room. Finally this very nice lady at one of the full hotels called around. Took the first one that had a room, which was a Hiliday Inn Express. Not my first or second choice but under the circumstances, I took it. Typical soul-less characterless chain hotel. But a good, central location.

Day 7:  Tongeren

This is supposed to be the oldest or second oldest town in Belgium. Stayed at a nice, little hotel called Caellus VII which was practically next door to the church.  It is attached to a restaurant and has only 6 rooms. However, 3 are up this death defying spiral staircase. There is no way to take luggage up those stairs and they had a dumb waiter for that.  Fortunately, my room was on the ground floor. Very nice, relatively nice and modern room. Once again they were nice enough to wash and dry my laundry in the hotel washer/dryer. Again, no charge but I tipped the waiter.  A waiter from the restaurant checked me in and did the laundry.

Day 8:  Liege

Another larger city, another tough time finding a room. However, matters compounded by it being a weekend and the city hosting a huge beer festival. The hostel was huge but also full.  Asked around and someone mentioned Ibis. Another characterless chain but they had rooms and I took one. At least it’s in a good location.


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