Out to Lunch

Bakeries in Belgium, in addition to bread, sell ham and cheese in individual packets. I had landed at one of these bakeries at around lunch time  on a Tuesday (note that; relevant to this story) after once again failing to find an open restaurant. I was contemplating making a sandwich; my only hesitation being that I would have to find some place to sit and this a cold and blustery day.  And the bakeries have no seating. 

I got to talking to some of the other customers and had the following exchange with one. 

Me:  On the way here from Grobbendonk (a real place), I didn’t find a single cafe or restaurant open.

Her:  Oh, yeah. That’s because of the weekend. 

Me:  I thought that that was Monday.  That places open on Sat, close on Mon to make up the weekend. 

Her:  Mon, Tue, same thing. 

Me:  Okey, dokey. 

Her:  What?

Anyway, she offered to show me two restaurants that were off the main street we were on and she knew were open. One of them was closed. 

I’ll see if Wed is any different or if there really is some validity to my theory.   That come 11 am, most restaurants close down so that the workers can run home for lunch. Damn socialists.


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