It’s All About the Weight

So, thinking it’s going to be a really short day, I take off much later than normal.  I plan on stopping at the Westmalle Abbey to try some genuine Trappist monk beer made on the premises. Unfortunately the place was closed when I got there. There was a chain hanging by the door with a sign saying “BEL”. I pulled it a couple of times but nothing happened. 

I had planned on seeing if I could spend the night at the abbey. When that didn’t work out I walked on to a hostel about 3.5 km down the trail.   

When I got to the hostel, there was an older couple cleaning up and ready to lockup. Evidently the hostel is only open Fri and Sat thru May.  So, I was either a day too late or a couple of weeks too early.

They were volunteers and not from the area.l, so, no idea about hotels closely. However, he started calling around and found a hotel about 3 km off the trail. I hate going so far of the trail but didn’t have much of a choice. 

We talked for a little while and then I took off. A few minutes later, their car pulled over and she hopped out with a bag. She offered me the bag which included bottles of water, chocolates and some other stuff to eat. As I took the bag, the only thing I wax thinking was – shit, this is heavy. I just couldn’t do it. I explained to her about the weight.  She seemed so crestfallen that I did take the box of chocolates.  

I felt like a heel but here’s the moral of the story.  Do not proffer more stuff to carry on a long distance hiker, at the end of the day.  And that goes double if he/she is going 6 km (round trip) off the trail.  Because it’s all about the weight    


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