Camino Day 49: Ribadiso, Spain

Day 49: Ribadiso, Spain
Day 49: Ribadiso, Spain
Day 49: Ribadiso, Spain
Day 49: Ribadiso, Spain






Simon did make it.

He arrived exhausted around 5 pm (I think but could have been later). We were in a cafe, next to our albergue when he arrived. He had seen our sign and as soon as he saw his name, knew it was from us before he even saw the H & O at the bottom. We were very excited to see him and hugged him. I think we got pretty loud in our excitement, startling some of the people in the cafe. He had checked our albergue and it was full. There was only one other albergue in the village and he went to check on it. While he was gone, Hannah and I agreed that there was no way he was going on to the next town. He could sleep on the floor in our room or we would figure something out.

He came back and gave us a thumbs down. There was a Canadian couple at a table near by who realized what was going on. They are the lady in the sunglasses and the guy next to her in the second picture. They were staying in our albergue but had a tent which they offered to Simon. Simon, accepted and got situated. We ate dinner at the cafe, inviting the Canadian couple (I do not remember their names) and another German lady who Hannah had met earlier. The first picture, of myself, Hannah and Simon shows the yellow arrow pins that Simon bought us. It was a fun dinner. We drank a lot. Ate a lot. Drank some more. And got really loud.

It was 44 kms to Santiago and everyone else decided they were going to do it in two days, stopping at O Pedrouzo for the night. I had done Le Puy to St. Jean in 25 days and, if I did these last 44 kms in one day, it would be 25 days from St. Jean to Santiago. Something poetic about 25/25 and a round number of 50 days. So, I decided I was going to press on to Santiago, tomorrow.


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