Camino Day 49: This Way Simon

Day 49: Sign for Simon
Day 49: Sign for Simon

Hannah and I walk pretty fast. We were doing pretty good time and decided to continue on to Ribadiso. How do we get word to Simon, who was significantly behind us? He did not have a phone. There is a water fountain as soon as you get into Boente and we decided to leave a note.

We only had regular pens and the writing was not very legible. Boente is within the last 100 kms and it was very crowded. Among them was a large group of Americans, they looked like college kids on a field trip. When they realized what we were trying to do, they jumped in to help. First, someone gave us a highlighter and then someone else found a marker. Everyone was trying to figure out what what else they could do to help us reconnect with our friend. It was very cute but pretty indicative of how things work on the Camino. We put the sign up, took a selfie and hoped for the best.


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