Camino Day 43: Rock Your Troubles

Is this the life you’ve been waiting for, well ask yourself.
Is this the life you’ve been waiting for,
you hoping that you’ll be where you want to be with a little more.
Well ask yourself.”

– Mark Foster/Greg Kurstin

Day 43:  Cruz de Ferro, Between Foncebadon & Manjarin, Spain
Day 43: Cruz de Ferro, Between Foncebadon & Manjarin, Spain

I had planned on stopping at Foncebadon for the night. However, when I got there, I didn’t feel moved by it. At around 1 pm it was really hot but still relatively early. I stopped for a break and a beer and decided to head on to Manjarin.

About midway between Foncebadon and Manjarin was the Cruz de Ferro or the Iron Cross. Over the years, pilgrims bring mostly stones from their home countries to leave at the cross, signifying leaving their troubles behind. People do this for themselves and/or on behalf of others. Many people leave notes and other mementos. For many pilgrims, this is an emotional moment with many breaking down in tears.

I had inadvertently shipped the stone which I had brought back to Houston in the package I shipped back home in Lyon, France. It was a stone I had actually picked up in Slovenia. Once I got home and opened the package, Iw as glad I had shipped it home. I think I’m going to hang on to it. So, I had picked up a stone in France, while going over the Pyrenees explicitly for leaving it at Cruz de Ferro.

It wasn’t quite what I had expected and I did not find it to be emotional. It was next to a road with a large parking lot. Evidently, this was a popular stop for tourists who were bused in. The buses would dump them at the cross and then drive down the road. The tourists would do their thing at the cross and walk a couple of kilometers down the road, where their buses would pick them up.


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