Camino Day 35: Horses on the Loose

Day 35:  Hornillos del Camino, Spain
Day 35: Hornillos del Camino, Spain
Day 35:  Hornillos del Camino, Spain
Day 35: Hornillos del Camino, Spain










The goal for most people on this pilgrimage/hike is to get the Compostela in Santiago. To be eligible for the Compostela, you can only do the pilgrimage on foot, bike or horseback. While I did all mine on foot, there are were a few people who do two or all three modes of transportation. This was usually because they were running out of time. Unfortunately, there were also quite a few who took other non-eligible modes of transportation, i.e trains, buses or hitching rides. People going on foot have to do a minimum of 100 kms into Santiago. That is why there is a huge influx of people in Sarria, which is just over 110 km from Santiago.

Hornillos was a tiny village where I spent the night. In addition to a church, it had 2 or 3 albergues, a casa rural (bed & breakfast), one small store and a cafe. The first shot shows the outside of the cafe with church in the background. Just underneath the first umbrella is the water fountain. About an hour of so earlier, we watched several horsemen and women fill canisters of water from the fountain and walk towards and behind the church where their horses were “tied” up. A few minutes after this shot was taken and the white van had moved, five horses came galloping from behind the church, down where the van was and turned left onto the street in the second shot. It was a hot, very quiet afternoon in this sleepy village and the horses galloping on the street was very loud and sudden and startled everyone. They were quickly followed by the riders running out of their albergue in trying to get dressed as they ran down the street after the horses. Some had just gotten their showers and others were getting ready to take theirs. We found out later on that all the horses had been rounded up safely. None had gotten hurt.


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