Camino Day 19: Communal Dinner

Day 19:  Municipal Gite, Nogaro, France
Day 19: Municipal Gite, Nogaro, France

There are three possible options for dinner – 1) cook dinner, 2) the gite provides breakfast and/or dinner for an additional fee or 3) eat at a restaurant.

All the gites in France and albergues in Spain provide a full kitchen for you to cook your own meals. This is covered in the cost of the bed and includes, stove, oven, plenty of pots and pans, dishes, silverware, glassware and utensils. It does not include any food, spices, etc. However, some pilgrims will leave behind unused minor items, e.g. salt, pepper, oil, for use by future pilgrims. Cooking your own meals is the cheapest option but, obviously, entails more work.  After getting to your stop for the night and checking into your gite/albergue; shower, shop for groceries, cook and cleanup.  But it is a nice change and builds the camaraderie with your fellow pilgrims.  In France, this was always a communal affair with everyone who was cooking, pitching in together for one common meal, sharing what everyone had.  For some reason this was less common in Spain.

Most of the the municipal gives, which were the least expensive, did not provide meals and nearly all the private ones did.  The meals served in France were especially good but expensive.  Ingredients were normally local, if not from their garden.  Meals in Spanish albergues were rare with pilgrim dinners for a set price available at a lot of local restaurants.

Finally, meals in cafes, bars and restaurants were always an option but not available at any time in France.  Lunch is served until a certain time and dinner starts at a specific time, normal 7.  Beer and coffee was always available.


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