Camino Day 17: The Universe Continues to Conspire

Day 16: Lectoure, France
Day 16: Lectoure, France

My 7 day target for walking has come and gone. During a text exchange with someone from home, she mentions that it sounds like I am having fun. FUN???? No, I am not having fun! This is many things but fun is not one of them.

But I can’t seem to stop.
My daily routine has become . . .
well, a routine.

I get up, get dressed, put my pack on and head out the door. I get something for lunch. I eat lunch. I walk. I stop where I stop. I get a bed. I shower. I get a beer. I write. I talk to other pilgrims. I eat dinner. I go to bed. I repeat. No, I wouldn’t classify it as fun but I can’t stop.

Disaster strikes on the 16th day. Somewhere in Lectour I lose my phone. I think it is in front of the tourism office. I had sat down on a bench for a break. Drank a coke. Ate some chocolate. Put the phone down on the bench. Put my pack on and walked off. MOFO ON A STICK!!!

I don’t miss my phone until I am 8 kms from Lecotur and about a km from Marslan, where I have reservations at the Bourdon gite. I get to the gite. With the hop of another pilgrim we call the tourism office to see if the guy answering the phone can check the bench. He does. No phone. I call my phone. No answer. The gite owner drives me to Lectour. No phone. We return to the gite. I check “Find My iPhone” on the gite’s computer. No phone. I decide to lock it but elect not to erase all my data. I’ll do that tomorrow in Condom, a large enough town that has a cell phone store. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Sunday, so I’ll have to wait until the following day.

On the way to Condom, I tell everyone I run into that I lost my phone. I get to Condom and as usual I see a bunch of pilgrims sitting outside a bar having a beer. I recognize several people and normally I would join them. However, today, I am in no mood for chitchat. I need to find a hotel and then a computer so I can erase my data. I walk by but end up on a street that does not look like it would have any hotels, then a dead end street and eventually find myself walking across the street from the bar.

Among the group are two German brothers who I had met a couple of days ago. One of the brothers had introduced himself to me while we were brushing our teeth before going to bed by saying, “I’m from Bavaria”. I guess you had to be there. It was very amusing.

Anyway, one of the brothers sees me and beckons me over. I am in mood to talk but reluctantly walk over. He says, “Did you lose a phone?”
Me, perking up: “Yes.”
Him: “Was it a Nokia?”
Me, dejected: “No.”
Him: “Is this it?”, pulling out an iPhone.
I yell something, grab it and turn it on. Of course it does not turn on. I get my charger out and rush inside the bar to find an outlet. I find one, plug it in and it turns out that it is my phone. I give the brother a kiss and pick up everyone’s tab. One of the women in the group tells me about the gite she is staying at that is supposed to be really good. It turns out to be really good. The gite owner was amazing. There are a couple of people I had met earlier who are staying there also. We have a great time. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard or so much. Oh, one last thing . . . This is the brothers’ second to last night.

So, the universe continues to conspire.
I resolve to continue to St. Jean.
And I am having fun.

Day 17: Condom, France
Day 17: Condom, France

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