Camino Reboot: Lyon, France

So . . .

I walked one full day and quit.  The next day, returned to Lyon, changed my flights, grabbed dinner and got a good night’s sleep.  The following morning turns out to be just a beautiful day in Lyon.  I’m walking around waiting for my flight, which isn’t until late that night.

And I start thinking.  One day?  That’s it.  Ok, walking for two months, the original plan, is just a nutty idea but quitting after one day?  That’s just embarrassing.  At least do a week.  A week is respectable.  You can still hold your head up high once you get home with a week of hiking.  Week says I gave it a try and it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

So . . .

I return to the hotel.  Check back in.  Contact United and change my flights to a week later.  Then change my mind and tell them just to leave the return open.  Call AT&T and suspend my wireless service again.  Thank God for Viber.  [Viber is the app that I used.  Free texts and free calls to anywhere in the world if the other person has Viber also].

I decide to ship some stuff home but this is a national holiday and the Post Office is closed; as are all businesses.  I spend another night in Lyon.  The next day I head to the Post Office and ship 2.5 kilos home and throw half a kilo of stuff away.  I also buy a few things.

I check out and head back to the train station and do my trip to Le Puy all over again.  Train to St. Etienne.  Switch trains to Firminy.  Bus from Firminy to Le Puy.  By the time I get to Le Puy it is around 5 pm.  I check into a hotel.  The following morning I get a cab to the St Jacques give in Montbonnet, where I had stopped.  No, I was not going to walk Le Puy to Montbonnet a second time.

The weather had turned.  It was cold and wet.  At the gite, I put on an extra shirt, my jacket and gloves.  Swung the backpack on to my back and with trekking poles in hand started walking.

Day 2:  Monistrol-d'Allier, France
Day 2: Monistrol-d’Allier, France

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