Camino Day 2: Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done

The night before, in the gite in Montbonnet, the guy next to me is the loudest snorer I have met – up to that point.  Later on in Spain, I come across a Brazilian who puts this guy to shame.  But once again I don’t get much sleep, despite having my earbuds on all night listening to music all night long.

I wake up exhausted and decide I can’t do this anymore.  I get dressed and tell the few people who are still in the gite that I am quitting.  Boy, do they look disappointed.  I ask the give owner to call me a cab to take me to the Le Puy train station.  He suggests that I hitchhike back because a cab is going to be expensive.  My response – you’ve got to be f***ing kidding me.  I am not walking or even hitchhiking.  He shrugs as only the French can and calls me a cab.

Everyone else takes off looking very sad at my quitting.  Cab shows up and takes me to the Le Puy train station.  Do the same trip that I did to get there but in reverse.  Bus to Firminy.  Train to St Etienne.  Switch trains and then on to Lyon.  In Lyon, I check into an Ibis Budget hotel, right next to the train station.  On a side note, very impressed by this Ibis Budget note.  Bare bones but clean and with free wifi.  Get to my room and the first thing I do is call United to change my flight to as as soon as possible.  The earliest they have is tomorrow night, connecting in Munich.  I’ll take it.  Next I call up AT&T to un-suspend my service.  I had suspended it for two months before I left home.  I go out for dinner (think it was pizza).  Man, I am hungry.  But find myself start to nod off at the table.  Return to the hotel and sleep for the next 12 hours or so.

Wakeup the next day, pack and check out of the hotel.  My flight isn’t until late night and too early to go to the airport.  I leave my backpack with the hotel front desk and decide to check out the city.  But first some coffee and a chocolate croissant.  After breakfast I start walking around.  It is an absolutely gorgeous day . . .


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