Wreck in Nocogdoches

In a wreck, yesterday, on the way home from Shell’s North Louisiana field office. No one was hurt.

Traffic stopped at a light on 59S. I look behind me and truck following me is slowing down and comes to a stop. I look ahead and boom. Rear window breaks, glass flies, car pushed forward. I’m thinking what the hell? Someone ran into the semi behind me, which then ran into me?

Get off the freeway. Nocogdoches cops show up. Semi driver explains what happened. He saw me. He started slowing down and stopped. As he’s slowing down, he looks behind him at the semi that is following him. He thinks the other semi is going to fast and doesn’t realize that traffic is coming to a stop. He gets on the radio to warn the the other driver. When he looks forward again (he is stopped at this point), he sees the semi that is in front of me start moving. I am driving a rental car – a small, gray, Ford Fusion. He forgets that I am between him and the semi that he sees starting to move and he takes off.

He couldn’t have been going too fast because he was starting from a stop and wasn’t that far behind me. Despite that it caused quite a bit of damage to my car. I don’t think it even dented his bumper. It would have been pretty bad had he been going faster – 20/30 miles or higher and he hadn’t seen me.

After my initial shock and anger, I felt somewhat bad for the driver. He seemed like a nice guy. He was a retired trucker who had sold all his trucks. Had gotten bored and was driving a friend’s truck.

I pulled into a nearby motel. Decided I couldn’t drive the car all the way back to Houston. Caught a ride with a couple of colleagues that I knew were leaving Mansfield (field office) later in the afternoon. Had about a 3 hour wait but the front desk clerk at the Best Western Inn was very nice. Left the car keys with her for Avis.


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