Slovenia Hiking Group

The Slovenia hiking trip was thru REI, who refers to it as the Slovenia Hiking: The Julian Alps .

All together there were 14 people in my group – all from the USA. There were two couples from North Carolina, a couple from Wisconsin, two friends from New York, cousins from Ohio and Colorado and the last three were from Vegas, Chicago and St Louis. Everyone else had been on an organized hike similar to this before. For one couple, this was their 28th or 29th trip. This was the first rodeo for me. Been on many hiking trips but none like this, organized by a third party. It was also my first hiking trip outside the US. A surprising coincident was the number of people in the medical field – about 8 (I think).

Age range? I have a hard time guessing at ages but where people mentioned their ages, we had people in their mid to late 60s. The lower limit was early 40s, although some people may have been younger. Everyone was in pretty good to excellent shape. My conditioning was probably the worst. I really struggled with the uphills and was always the last one up but did fine on the downhills or straightaways. REI rated the trip as a 3/4 on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strenuous. I asked the couple that had been on over 25 trips, how this compared wit other similarly rated trips. He said that it was one of the most difficult trips. But I think he may have been trying to be kind given how I struggled.

The hikes, country, views, etc. were outstanding and I would do it again. The most surprising thing for me was how well everyone got along. While the personalties were very different, everyone got along very well. As far as I know, there were no disputes, fights, whining, etc. Perhaps 8 days (the length of this trip) is the upper limit for strangers to be thrown in together before they start getting tired of each other.


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