Dear Valued AT&T U-verse Member

I received a postcard from AT&T that started with that line. Now I know that any communication from a supplier that starts like that means you are fixing to get screwed. It is akin to the recorded message you get when calling customer supporting – “Your call is important to us”. This is said just before you are flung into voice mail help. Press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish, press 3 if you are awake, etc. etc. So, I know the call is not important to them. If it was someone – a real live human being – would pick and respond.

It’s like all these corporations have hired the same consultant who is providing the same cookie cutter advice. Tell your customers they are important rather than actually treating them as if they were important. Another thing. When did I make the switch from client or customer to member? Is that supposed to make me feel better and give me the impression that I belong to some exclusive club?

So, what was the postcard about? Rate increase. AT&T is “excited” to tell me that their rates are going up, which “may” impact my cost. May? What are the odds “may” is really “will”? Scratch the happy talk and just tell me that the rates are going up and by how much.


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