Bona Hardwood Floors

About once a year, I “refresh” the hardwood floors. I use a product called Bona. It’s a three step process – 1) dry sweep and vacuum, 2) wet cleaner (Bona product) and 3) Bona Refresher. The latter is a sticky, polishy thing that takes about an hour to dry. Can’t walk on it. So, need to plan how you’re going to do this. My condo is about 1400 sq ft, with all wood floors except for the two bathrooms and the laundry room. So, it is a tedious and tiring process. I move as much as I can from one room to the next and move the heavy furniture back and forth. Did I mention it is a tiring process but boy do the floors look nice afterwards.

Normally, I move al the plants out to the balcony but it was too cold, today. That is why they are setting on top of the kitchen counter.

I also took this opportunity to toss and give away clothes and stuff. I normally do this every couple of years. The closet looks lovely.


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